Questions this Website Addresses

Why do so many people of color sometimes feel uncomfortable even with friendly, well-intentioned white people who sincerely consider themselves non-racist?

Why might they want to avoid, when possible, situations or environments where the population is predominantly white?

How can white folks increase awareness of their own, often unconscously held, racial assumptions and stereotypes which bind them to racial conditioning based on ignorance and prevent them from enjoying more harmonious relationships with folks of color?

This site features a variety of “racial vignettes” - descriptions of problematic interactions between white people and people of color.  Each vignette comes with a commentary examining what might be troubling for the person of color in the interchange and the probable underlying racial mind set of the white participant.

The vignettes are suitable for individual or group study.  The section of the site Using Vignettes in Groups offers various approaches for utilizing these vignettes and suggests questions for stimulating group discussion.

The vignette exercises can be used in a diversity training or in an unlearning racism workshop.  These trainings or workshops might take place in a religious organization, a community organization, or a business.

They may also be used in educational settings - for high school or college students in the following classes: Cultural Competence, Ethnic Studies, Cultural Studies, Multicultural Studies, Sociology, Social Studies, White Studies, and Social Justice.